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New Year Work Day

January 2, 1897*

A PRR switcher sits just inside the new enginehouse. [The roof and front wall of the enginehouse are made of plexiglass so that viewers may see the goings-on inside.]

Heavy rains earlier this season caused some sliding in the vicinity of the mine.

Most of the damage was confined to the siding that runs along the retaining wall. The tipple was taken down for a major rebuild.

There was enough movement to warp the tracks.

Two inspectors ponder what to do with a switch full of debris.

The sunset reflects off the plexiglass siding of the new enginehouse. The mechanics have been at it since early this morning.

Note the new trim color on the General Store (left).

The small station in Fosterville got a little sprucing up as well.

This was the culminating work day representing nearly a month of preparations. The PB&J's Chief Engineer was in town all of December, and much got done! The next day (1/3/1897), the PB&J celebrated.

These three new building [facades] got their occupancy permits. A permit is pending for the construction of a new railroad passenger station on the lots to the left (as you face them) of these buildings.

This picture catches a couple mechanics at work in the enginehouse.

Here's a closeup view into the left-end of the new enginehouse.

The new enginehouse.

The PRR switcher sits just inside the new enginehouse.

A closeup to the picture above. [It's fairly easy to see that this was a "bashed" covered bridge kit.]

If only the blacksmith was as busy as the guys in the enginehouse! And note the guy sitting next to the General Store (back/left) prepping a feed bag with a dog at his feet (to his right, black and white dog).

*For actual year, add 107

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