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Three Trains Celebrate the New Year

January 3, 1897*

Two trains sit in front of the Shamokin Division water tower and small enginehouse.

The consolidation (left) passes the switcher sitting on a siding with the school house (far right) and water tower (way back, above No. 30's tender and just to the left of the tree trunk) in the background.

Looking at the Shamokin Division in its entirety from the west.

All three trains sit between the water tower on the left and the switch tower in the background.

From under the foot bridge, all three trains are poised to head out onto the mainline. See picture at right for a glimpse of the foot bridge.

The newly repaired tipple straddles the hopper cars.

A passenger train passes the Shamokin switch tower.

The hobos still inhabit the abandoned jail car.

After yesterday's work day, the PB&J Railroad brought out all three of its trains to try out all the improvements, and have some fun, too!

The old PRR switcher sits alongside the new enginehouse over by the lumber mill and mine. [Plexiglass roof and wall on one side of the enginehouse provides a view into the inner workings. See more pictures from yesterday's work day.]

The PRR switcher sits on the line to the new enginehouse.

Fosterville has been spruced up a bit. Note the new trim color on the General Store. [The large "signal" in the foreground is actually low-voltage garden lighting.]

The left train sits on the siding as the middle train goes by on the mainline and the train on the (far) right approaches from the farmstead area. Behind that far right train is the left side of the foot bridge - see picture to the left.

Three new buildings have gone up along the tracks in the Shamokin Division area. And plans have been announced for a new Shamokin passenger station in the empty lots to the left.

Another view of the new construction with all three tracks occupied.

*For actual year, add 107

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