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History in Pictures

Please enjoy this little chronological tour of the PB&JRR. Click on a picture for more and bigger pictures on that topic.

[*For actual year, add 107.]

Early stage: That's my Dad (Bill) that got us started. [January, 1893*] It's a line! [January, 1893*]
Got some rolling stock goin' now! And a building! [March, 1893*] A live steam "Ruby" comes to play. [October 1, 1893*]
A Napa Valley RR train arrives. [October 1, 1893*] A retaining wall is added. [October 8, 1893*]
A barn is added. [October 8, 1893*] A shack is added. [November 4, 1893*]
A chicken coop is added. [November 4, 1893*] Tracy's dollhouse gets a garden railroad! [November 18, 1893*]
A mine and an "office complex" are added. [November 24, 1893*] The PB&JRR gets lit up. [December 3, 1893*]
The yard gets re-worked into three useful-length sidings. [February 4, 1894*] A small depot is added near the Triple T Mining Company [February 4, 1894*]
Passenger service comes to the PB&JRR [February 11, 1894*] Grifter sets up in abandoned jail car [February 24, 1894*]
The PB&JRR opens it's office [May 3, 1894*] The PB&JRR Collection is expanding [January 1, 1895*]
The PB&JRR develops Shamokin branch: new towers, school [November 11, 1895*] The PB&JRR builds a new enginehouse [January 3, 1897*, see also 1/2/1897]
New construction in the Shamokin Division area [January 2, 1897*, see also 1/3/1897] New path down to the railroad, and a new facade at the terminal [May 22, 1897*]
Last look at the buildings at Arroyo Grande, CA [March 1, 1898*] Before and After at Arroyo Grande, CA. See upper-left picture on this page... [March 15, 1898*]

Stay tuned for further developments along the PB&JRR!...

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