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The Oak Way Division of the PB&JRR, just outside of Arroyo Grande, CA, began in December of 2007. There will be a map someday...

And here's how the PB&JRR facilities in Nipomo, CA were when we left. The G-scale was removed to the new Oak Way location. The 7.5-inch railroad remains at the Nipomo location.

At left is a satellite view of the PB&JRR property (just under 2 mostly-flat acres).
  • Light gray-blue = existing lot-line fencing
  • Purple = new fencing (see pics in the 7.5" section)
  • Red = proposed 7.5-inch gauge railroad
  • Light Green = 7.5-inch completed
  • Dark Green = 7.5-inch under construction
  • Orange = proposed 7.5-inch carbarn
  • Blue = G-scale plan
  • Turquoise = Bridge (proposed)
There will be a G-scale/7.5" crossover where light green and blue cross.
The outside mainline loop of 7.5" track will be about 1,000 feet.

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