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The PB&JRR Inaugurates a New Locomotive

Here's a closeup up of the cab and tender platform while stopped at the water tower.

Shamokin, June 12, 1897* - The Pacific Bill & Jamie Railroad (PB&JRR) took its new mogul out on the mainline today for its inaugural run. The trip took less than a hour to go from Shamokin to Fosterville and back.

We're quite pleased with the work done by LGB and the Battery Back Shop, "stated Bill Foster, Chief Engineer for the PB&JRR.

Testing the water connections at the tower just outside of Fosterville.

James Trevorksy, PB&JRR Manager, added, "We'll have her marked in a matter of weeks. She'll be No. 4 as she is the 4th locomotive ever purchased by the PB&JRR."

The term "Mogul" refers to the 2-6-0 wheel arrangement. The first mogul was built in 1852. It has a rigid frame and was the first locomotive to have a leading truck. This design has 50% more tractive power than the earlier 4-4-0 American.

*For actual year, add 107

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