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The Collection

January 1, 1895*

The railroad collection expands here at the PB&JRR! The bathroom is not immune to the encroachment of paraphenalia. Note the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) theme. Why there's even a white bathrobe with a PRR patch on it hanging behind the door...

The picture in the upper left is from a very recent trip to Jamestown, CA where Railtown 1897 is located. It's a photo of No. 3, the steam locomotive used in the filming of "Back to the Future: Part III".

This cabinet contains a variety of items:

HO layout cars and trucks from basement layouts of yesteryear
old flag
pocket watches
playing cards
conductors' punches
box car seals
switch locks
Koolax (for hot boxes)
toys, and the like.

Most are marked "PRR".

The spike hammer resting in the crate is from the Illinois Central RR.

In the foreground is an old telegraph line tester.

The burlap bag covering the speaker is marked "Santa Maria Valley Whse. Co.; Standard Railroad Bean Bag".

The wood box on top of the bean bag contains an old ohmeter.

And the section of rail on top of the box is from the Pacific Coast Railway, laid in 1882.

In front of the railroad books is my Dad's early 1940-ish Lionel train.

On the window ledge is a railroad signal chart and a sample Pennsylvania "Preserve Our Heritage" railroad license plate. The tall black oil can is from the PRR, as is the lighter in front of the wood box.

From top to bottom, left to right:

G-scale PRR gondolas and a couple HO cars from childhood days.

PRR first aid kit.

Lionel signal.

A PRR work truck model.

Another G-scale gondola next to a telegraph insulator.

Yet another gondola behind a caboose whistle, a PRR paperweight, PRR pencils, a brass number plate, and a steam gauge.

My Dad's Lionel locomotive, tender, and their original boxes with a California railroad packing crate label in the back.

The bottom shelf contains miscellaneous undisplayed materials along with a Conrail lantern.

The photos in this rack are (left to right): PRR No. 1361, a Union Pacific Excursion, and the PRR depot in Shamokin, PA.

The switch locks and keys are PRR and Southern Pacific.

Also on the left hook is a mine car shed key and tag from the Glen Burn Colliery in Shamokin, PA (my mother's hometown).

A wrench and miscellaneous oil and water cans, mostly from the PRR. Note also the Broadway Limited poster.

Some railroad overalls, vest, and clerk's hat.

Along with the PB&J Railroad G-scale rolling stock:

a PRR caboose lantern

a PRR signal light

a PRR torch

Also on the middle shelf are some HO and N scale Southern Pacific rolling stock and diesel locomotives.

The two upper frames include railroad pictures from Shamokin, PA.

The next frame down contains a PRR ad: "One Hundred Years".

The lowest frame holds a Railtown 1897 (Jamestown, CA) photo of all three of their steam locomotives that together have logged appearances in over 200 movies and TV shows. They are No. 3 (4-6-0), No. 28 (2-8-0), and No. 34 (2-8-2).

On the cabinet are patches, postcard photos, and a Santa Maria crate label (in the standing frame).

Along with the PB&J Railroad G-scale rolling stock:

On the upper shelf are some HO locos and rolling stock, again from my childhood.

On the counter in the foreground is a replica Baldwin Locomotive Builder's Plate, Q-4. This would have been from a mikado similar to that used by the Santa Maria Valley Railroad.

Leaning on the back wall is a replica PRR No. 1361 head plate.

And also on the counter are a railroad lantern (taller of the two) and a carbide miner's lamp.

An old PRR clock.

A PRR stock certificate.

Two PRR menus: Continental Breakfast, and Cocktails (neither had anything over $1.25!).

Sitting on the PB&JRR platform are a number of platform chairs, an old hand cart, and an old Union Oil can.

The bell and whistle are a highlight for visitors of all ages!

[*For actual year, add 107.]

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