We've been working on a railroad...

The Pacific Bill & Jamie Railroad (PB&JRR)
Arroyo Grande, CA

The PB&JRR has moved, in real life, effective March 29, 1898 (2005)! This web site will remain as an archive but will no longer be maintained. The new Nipomo PB&JRR web site is here: http://www.jf2.com/pbjrr/

Please enjoy this tour of the PB&JRR, located along the central coast of California. Click on a picture for more and bigger pictures on that topic. Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. may be sent to Jamie.

The PB&JRR is an outdoor, "G" scale, non-electrified rail system. Locomotives are battery powered and (mostly) remote controlled. We try to stick with (or near) 1:24. Here's a "Fact Sheet" (in PDF format, 77Kb). [Adobe Acrobat Reader (it's free)]

Fosterville Times Press

History in Pictures

What's New:
Before-After at Arroyo Grande, March 15, 1898*
Farewell Open House at Arroyo Grande, March 5, 1898*
Last look at the buildings at Arroyo Grande, March 1, 1898*
PB&JRR Officials Ride Amtrak's California Zephyr, February 13-16, 1898*
PB&JRR Officials Ride Amtrak's Southwest Chief, January 14-16, 1898*
The PB&JRR Inaugurates a New Locomotive, June 12, 1897*
PCR Division Meet Tours the PB&J Railroad, May 22, 1897*
New Path and a New Facade, May 22, 1897*
PB&JRR Officials Visit the Alaska Railroad, May 11-14, 1897*
A Church Men's Group Visits the PB&JRR, April 17, 1897*
Three Trains Celebrate the New Year, January 3, 1897*
New Year Work Day, January 2, 1897*
*For actual year, add 107.

The outside real dimensions of the layout are about 70 x 35 feet (farthest track separations). I'm guessing there's something over 200 feet of track. Click on an image to explore that area:

Other web sites the PB&JRR would like to highlight:

G-Scale Railroading Links

Garden Railways Logo

The Large Scale Trains Page by George Schreyer

The Gold Coast Station: great train store in Ventura, CA. We got the live steam "Ruby" and the Napa Valley train here. They've got an impressive inventory that's practically 100% G-scale.

Central Coast Trains: one of the best stores in San Luis Obispo county (located in the city of Atascadero) for G-scale items (although the store caters mostly to HO and N gauge customers). Most of the track and many of the extras (e.g. people, crates, etc.) for the PB&JRR came from here.

K's G Scale Buildings for Garden Railways: from whence came several of the ready-built buildings on the PB&JRR, to date: mine, mine shack, and chicken coop.

Garden Texture: My Dad built several of the buildings on the PB&JRR from kits supplied by Garden Texture - most notably to date: the barn, the depot, and the railyard shack. A farmhouse and a general store are in the works.

Soundtraxx Sierra: to date we've used the Sierra remote control and sound system components when converting our locomotives. So far so good!...

Showcase Express: Excellent, easily-expandable, aluminum, wall-mounted displays for HO and N scale trains (and other collectibles).

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