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September 5, 2005
Serafina joins the railroad work crews outside

August 28, 2005
First time in her railroadin' overalls (last pic)

August 19, 2005
Visiting the farmstead on the PB&JRR

August 11, 2005
On the Thomas the Tank table

August 7, 2005
With Lynn, Tracy, and Hailey

August 1, 2005
Mom and baby

July 31, 2005
More from the Sisco's visit

July 30, 2005
Sisco's visit

July 21, 2005
Serafina rides the PB&JRR

Tuesday July 19th, 2005  

1:45am - Contractions are 5 minutes apart. Tracy called her doctor to let him know. He said to stay at home as long as possible (remember, it's barely 2:00am), then go to the hospital.
2:15am - Can't wait any longer, time to go to the hospital.
3:20am - Lynn couldn't wait any longer and left for the hospital.
3:40am - Tracy's checked-in and dilated to 5cm, everything is going well.
7:45am - Tracy is 7cm and progressing well. I was told over the phone that she was bouncing on a ball and they were getting ready to put her into a warm bath. In the background over the phone I could hear Tracy breathing as she was taught in birthing class.
9:05am - Tracy is in transition, one of the more difficult parts of labor. The contractions are about 20 seconds apart, so she barely has any time to relax. She is in much more pain now, but everyone there (Lynn, Betsy, Matt, and the nurses) is helping her to breath and work through it without any pain medication. She continues to sit on the big rubber ball for support.
11:00am -
Tracy has moved out of transition and is now pushing. She has about 90 seconds between contractions so she has more time to rest.
11:39am - It's a Girl!!!!!!!


Tracy and Matt proudly present their new baby daughter, Serafina Lynn:


Here is their first family photo.


Here's the proud new father.

Here's Serafina. She weighs 7lbs 9oz, is 19.5 inches long and scores an "8 to 9" on the Apgar scale.

Here's the loving mother.

...and the new Grandmother.

Notice the freshly painted toes.

The guys from ESAero came to visit.

Here's the ball Tracy used. And the poster showing what to do.

Tracy was the very first person to use this tub.

And here is Serafina's first bath.