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Alvin All-Star Railroad (AASRR)

Train Layout (HO) - 3/28/02

This was the final practice day! Four other classroom groups came through the AASRR during the 50-minute period. The AASRR railroaders were divided into four teams (Conductors, Engineers, Brakemen, and Passengers) each handling one of four centers on a rotating basis: the HO layout, realia, short stories, and final reports.

Above left, two railroaders share their short stories.

Immediately below, one railroader is demonstrating hand signals with a railroad lantern.

Above, some students watch operations on the sugar mill side of the platform while in the background another group shares railroad items with today's visitors.

Below, the two taller girls are building a train using the railcars on the siding. The girl on the far left is acting as brakeman giving signals to the engineer. The engineer is the girl at the far end of the platform standing at the throttle (which is sitting on a table blocked from view by the platform).

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